Difference between risk owner and risk manager
Difference between risk owner and risk manager

Difference between risk owner and risk manager: What is the difference between risk and control owner? Before we answer this let us understand what is a risk owner in Project Management. Risk Owner is a person responsible and accountable for ensuring, and making sure the project risk is managed appropriately. These are people who have a direct responsibility for managing the risks of a project to ensure smooth operation of project activities. In this article we explain Difference between risk owner and risk manage, risk Owner isĀ the person who monitors the risk trigger, and one to drive the defined countermeasures in an event of a risk. Risk Owner is responsible for reporting any risk and changes in the project due to possible threats.

Reviews have been done on the importance of risk management and assessesments of in project risk management. In other articles we have discussed importance of project duty roles, policies and protocols; Risk manager, recommends and implements risk management solutions during the project initiation stage, such as insurance policies the company needs to buy cover from, safety measures and security policies for buisness analysis, or recovery measures.

10 Difference between risk owner and manager

Here’s the difference between risk owner and risk manager

  1. Risk owners owns the risk and risk manager is the one who prescribes the best alternative measures
  2. Risk owners deals with risks, while managers perform project risk analysis
  3. Risk owners follows the plan laid by a project risk manager
  4. Risk manager can at anytime take up risk owners responsibility
  5. Risk owners is any individual specialized in that same area, a risk manager needs to have overall knowledge on forms of risk
  6. Risk owners are not part of the project planning and initiation stage of project cycle, while a risk manager is part of the process
  7. Risk manager manages the risk, while risk owners just monitor and report the risk status
  8. A project can still work as planned with no risk onwer, but risk manager is very important for project success
  9. Risk managers are also project managers, while risk owner only owns the current risk
  10. Risk managers assess and assign risk responsobilities to risk owners in project management

Risk owners roles and risk managers, who’s responsibilities have been discussed; The responsibilities of the risk owner includes, making sure they are identified risks, well assessed, managed and properly monitored. Risks must always be clearly articulated in risk registers, showing the appropriate level of risk.

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