What is Result based monitoring and evaluation
What is Result based monitoring and evaluation

What is Result based monitoring and evaluation: Result Based Monitoring definition, this is a systematic approach for monitoring performance of projects or programs to ensure they are on the right path. Its based on the form of monitoring and evaluation that focuses entirely on obtaining long-term results of projects instead of the short-term based output.

Result Based Monitoring in today’s world in important for may factors, which we later discuss. But one of the most important roles results based monitoring and evaluation plays is that, its among examples of monitoring and evaluation activities, and that it helps the process of programs. Another importance is that result-based monitoring, enhances the effectiveness of development programs and projects.

Importance of result based monitoring and evaluation

Why is results-based monitoring and evaluation important? [Answer] Results-Based M&E (RBM&E) is important because it focuses on monitoring the performance of inputs and activities of a project, rather than just evaluating project results or performance of outcomes and impacts.

The above statement clearly defines the importance of results-based monitoring and evaluation, and why its useful when it comes to process for monitoring and evaluation process.

Reasons that are supporting the use of results-based monitoring and evaluation includes;

  • Helping of project program and plan to be more effective.
  • Makes it possible to determine the project success and need for improvement.
  • Introduces strategy for effective targeting and planning for project success.
  • Proper task scheduling of the project deliverables.
  • Outlines factors affecting the project successes.
  • Prevents wastage of project resources .
  • Project can easily determine the status of the project or program.

Monitoring and evaluation results model

Monitoring and evaluation results model strengthens the program process and institutionally giving direction to measure and achieve the desired outcomes. Makes it easy for project managers to understand what the program is doing, changes needed to be implemented and how its going to achieve the objectives and whether there changes needed for improvement.

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This method is also called monitoring and result management. Result Based Monitoring definition, has other important uses such as enhancing the effectiveness projects, and give direction for the development of programs and projects which have been implemented by Government organizations and those in the private sector by following principles of monitoring and evaluation.

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