Who is paid more project manager or developer
Who is paid more project manager or developer

Roles of a product manager

Who is paid more project manager or developer?  If you have been someone who as always asked this question or even Project Manager Salary Zambia, Why project leader is higher than project manager, then you are at the right place, p.m. is the individual who takes full responsibility for a particular product. They generate ideas, research demand, and current market conditions, create development strategies, recruit teams of experts, and plan and monitor the execution of assigned tasks.

The product manager’s primary objective is to manage all stages of product development and work with sales, marketing, technical support, manufacturing, and research and development departments. This is a dynamic position that involves maintaining a continuous flow of ideas and resources to create successful products.

A product manager’s responsibilities typically vary, but the most common are market research, product development, and post-launch product management. Provide a complete list of PM responsibilities in one of the following sections.

In general, product managers are specialists who work at the intersection of business, marketing, and programming. PMs are not just managers, they are also programmers, marketers, designers, and more. Achieving a smooth workflow requires a variety of skills.

Product manager skills

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to analyze the key factors that affect the long-term success of a company. It is about thinking globally rather than obsessing over details. Strategic thinking is used in creating product development strategies.

The purpose of all our products is to create added value for our customers. Managers, therefore, analyze audiences, market conditions, and competition, create a “picture” of an idea, and then put it into action. Additionally, through regular market assessments, product managers identify new trends and customer pain points and change strategies accordingly.

Communication Skills

Product managers are team players. Excellent communication skills are required as they are in constant communication with many specialists. Understanding your team members’ resources is critical to properly distributing responsibilities. You should be able to reach out to anyone and understand their interests and needs.

Product success depends on everyone on the team, so product managers need to make sure everyone is doing their best work. They must know how to set development goals, work with contractors, and negotiate effectively.

Time Management Skills

Without good timing and planning, it is impossible to reach specific goals. Therefore, the product manager must come up with an idea and plan its implementation in detail. You need to be flexible in planning to meet deadlines.


Product development is a process that requires a responsible person. So, product managers shouldn’t be afraid of tough tasks. They must have leadership skills and be able to make important decisions.

Product manager responsibilities

Market Research

Product managers start their work long before product development begins. They must explore the market, track customer needs, analyze competitors, estimate their product potential and develop a strategy with their competitive edge. This step is very important because it determines the success of a product.

Product Development

This part of the process begins when the concept of the future product is approved. Product managers should assign tasks to all team members and monitor their product development progress. It is essential to discuss potential problems and complaints with all team members and improve the product during the development phase.

The Product Manager is responsible for communication between the company’s upper management and other employees. They must ensure the implementation of the idea in real life.

Product Control

A product launch is not a guarantee of success. The product manager should make a product development plan and stick to it. They are also responsible for long-term and short-term sales forecasts. PMs should modify and improve marketing and development strategies and perform value analysis based on certain analytics and statistics.

Software Developer

A software developer is someone who analyzes user needs and, after the analysis is complete, creates, tests, and ultimately develops software that solves problems, provides entertainment, and makes life easier for its target users.

The Software Developer role is more focused on developing customized solutions for enterprises. This includes software development for medical, industrial, military, communications, business, scientific, and general computing applications.

Software developers are the creative brains behind computer programs of all kinds. Some software developers may focus on a particular program or application, while others create extensive networks or core systems that help other programs run and operate. Therefore, there are two main categories of developers: application software developers and system software developers.

After drawing a design, creating a flow chart, and preparing each step of the process, the developer creates diagrams and models to teach programmers how to code the program.

Other duties include mapping software that needs to be saved for future upgrades and software testing and working with other computer professionals to ensure the software is working properly.

Product Manager Vs Software Developer Salary

The average software developer’s base salary is about $92,046 per year while the average salary for a product manager is $108,992 per year. There are exceptions where engineers are paid more than product managers. Nevertheless, product managers earn more than software developers

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