Universities offering project management in Zambia
Universities offering project management in Zambia

Colleges and Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Project Management in Zambia: Reason you must study project management includes the fact that this is one of the best professions out there today. We already previously discussed how much does a project manager get in Zambia. Project Manager in Zambia earns around 8,880 ZMK per month minimum. But it is very important to put into consideration that the salaries for project managers, range from 5,020 ZMK (lowest) to 13,100 ZMK (highest) including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Project management provides needed knowledge and skills for managing successful projects in an organized manner. This includes the analyzing of processes, methods, knowledge and experience to achieve specific objectives of the project.

Below is a complete list for some of the best Universities offering project management in Zambia. Universities for project management are ranking in Africa, for good academic services and certified to provide project management training to students, equipping them with knowledge and cognitive skills to become effective project managers.

Best places to study project management in Zambia

  1. Victoria Falls University of Technology , Livingstone.
  2. Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University, Lusaka.
  3. Sylva University, Lusaka.
  4. Northrise University, Ndola.
  5. ICU Secretariat Findeco House, 16th floor.
  6. University of Zambia (UNZA)
  7. Copperbelt University (CBU)
  8. Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University, Lusaka.
  9. Mulungushi University , Kabwe.
  10. Sylva University, Lusaka.
  11. Cavendish University.
  12. University of Lusaka

Subjects in project management

Most students need to know if project management has mathematics. Well the answer is NO, project management doesn’t require math, but it has some concepts such as earned value management and risk calculation. These concepts may require you to work with quantitative data. Quantitative mathematics is very easy especially in project management and anyone even if you’re not good with math.

Main subjects include Management, Planning, Managerial Economics, Strategy Formulation, and Risk Management. Other various courses mainly deal with monitoring and evaluation, data collection, tools and techniques. To learn more about project management and course structure, visit our course outline article. Subjects highlight as to why project leader is higher than project manager, Risk management in a healthcare organization and the difference between risk owner and risk manager. Upon the completion one should be able to understand scope of projects and its importance for managers also functions of monitoring and evaluation.

Does Mulungushi University offer project management?

Mulungushi University offers one of the best online Masters of Business Leadership in Project Management. The program is designed to equip the students with the planning and execution knowledge needed to guide workflows of projects from beginning to successful completion.

Does University of Lusaka offer project management?

Yes University of Lusaka offers project management courses both Masters and short course based which you can enroll through the website. This program explain how successful projects are organized and administered. Students at University of Lusaka learn about project life cycles in project management, tools and techniques for structured project planning and risk management. The institution is also ranked best among Universities offering project management in Zambia.

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