What is scope of the project example?
What is scope of the project example?

What is scope of the project example? and Importance of defining project scope: The initial step in project planning is scribing its scope statement which comprises of information regarding project deliverables. The advantages that a project statement offers to any organization taking on a new initiative include Constraints of a project, among others. The following, spells what the project entails to ensure all stakeholders grasp what is involved therein. Offers a roadmap through which managers can utilize to designate assignments, schedule of work as well as budget suitably.

Aid focus team members on common goals Keep intricate projects from transcending beyond the vision established from the onset. Writing project scope is cardinal in making sure that the focus on the project does not sway and also ensures that projects are executed to expectation. The scope offers a strong basis through which the management of a project as it progresses, is in line with what was agreed upon in the beginning, the scope also ensures that the resources allocated to the project are not misappropriated or go to waste on elements that are not in the scope of the project.

Defining Project Scope

Project stakeholders’ input is required in defining of project scope for the stakeholders work closely with project managers to determine and monitor key aspects of budgets, project objectives, quality and eventually timeframe.
In order to define scope, there is need for project manager to gather all the necessary requirements for that stakeholders require for the project and some of these requirements include the following:

Objectives and deliverables of the project;

Deadline for completing the project; and The amount of money the stakeholders ought to pay for it.
The aim is to collect and record accurate information amidst this process in a bid to ensure that the project scope mirrors all requirements. This increases the opportunity for project managers to deliver end-products that are congruent with stakeholder expectations, on time and within budget.

Example of project scope


The introduction part defines the “what and why” of a project. Example for this would be “This content creation and marketing project is being undertaken by the company Sidmatec Media to distribute articles on its website and social media pages to promote the company.”

Project scope

The project scope part contains all the project’s necessary requirements. The scope depicts the general objectives for the project schedule and identifies the personnel to be involved. This is what the scope will look like “The project will consist of surveys and publication of the articles on the company’s website as well as on all of its social media sites in the month of May, 2023. Project management team roles, involve for example Betty Mwansa, Sidmatec Media content will be in charge of these duties. Staff and writers are the ones to create the deliverables.
This section defines what will be delivered by the end of the project and provides a deadline. The example for this, “Deliverables for the project will include a well-researched 1,000-word article for submission by November 7, 2023. In addition, five related and linkable articles elaborating on the points in the main article will equally be delivered on the same deadline.
Acceptance criteria
Acceptance simply entails the project objectives and the measurements that are essential in the evaluation of success. For example, “The main article will accumulate over 3,000 views within the first three months of its publication and will generate not less than two new leads.”
This part depicts what will not be included in the project. An example for exclusion, ” Creating a multimedia for the articles will not be necessary for this project.”

This describes limitations of the project and things which remain constant that there is no possibility of ever changing them. Constraints or restrictions may refer to the schedule of the project, its budget and technical issues. An example for restriction, “The project has a limitation submission date of June 30, 2023, and a tight budget of $3,000 dollars”.

In conclusion, this article has defined what a project scope is and has given an example on how to write a project scope, should you engage or wish to engage in a project, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

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