Teaching and learning activities examples
Teaching and learning activities examples

Teaching can be defined as the process of imparting knowledge in learners facilitated by a teacher. Teaching and learning activitiesis is an esssential knowledge or skills for ones development. The leaners in most cases are referred to as students. In this article we explain teaching and learning activities examples. In the teaching and learning process many activities are involved so as to make it successful and interesting. Some of the activities will be discussed in this essay.

Teaching and learning activities examples

What are the types of activities used in teaching? below are examples of what is teaching and learning activities these include hink-pair-repair, wist on think-pair-share, pose an open-ended, Brainwriting, Jigsaw, Chain notes, etc. These are known as the five learning activities.

  • Debate, dividing the class into two groups and instructing the learners to choose group representatives who can debate confidently and gain more points for their members is one of the activities that can be done in teaching and learning. One topic is given of which they have to debate for it against depending on the choice of the group members. Both groups are given equal time to gather points as well as select the best speakers.
  • The debate is given specific time to go on and whichever group presents it’s points well gets to receive the award. Through the debate knowledge is being shared and it helps to facilitate learning.
    Quiz, is another activity which can be done in the process of teaching and learning. In this type of activities learners are also divided in groups of two.
  • Representatives are chosen to answer questions on behalf of the members. Questions are asked by the teacher and given time in which they are to be answered. The chosen representatives do not get any help while answering the questions because it is taken that they have prepared adequately. Questions are picked at random from the numbers given e.g. from 1 to 10. This way fairness is created and the best team wins.
  • Counting verbally, this activity can be done so as to see the level of concentration of the learners. Learners are required to be quiet and attentive. The counting begins randomly as the travhe4 points at anyone to start. If two learners end up saying the same number at the same time there is need to start from the beginning. Because the rule of the game does not allow two learners to have the same number. At this point eye contact is very important and concentration.
  • Think-pair-repair In this twist, pose an open-ended question to your class and ask students to come up with their best answer. Next, pair learners up and get them to agree on a response. Get two pairs together, and the foursome needs to do the same thing. Continue until half the group goes head to head with the other half. This helps the learners to know how to work in teams and help each other towards achieving the same goal.
  • Brainwriting In this approach, students are given time to come up with their own ideas individually before sharing them out loud or posting them to an online whiteboard or other shared platform. Building in space for individual reflection leads to better thinking and less group thinking.
  • This type of activity helps a learner become independent and do things on their own Puzzle, completing a puzzle is another activity that learners can do as part of learning. Learners are divided in groups of fives and given pieces of a papers, that need to be put together to from either an animal or something required by the teacher. The group to complete first wins and is given an award. Through this activity learners obtain a skill of being quick and sharp which is needed for subjects like Mathematics.
    In conclusion, the teaching and learning activities examples are essential in a classroom because they make learners become active and broaden their thinking. Therefore, there is need for the teacher to be creative in coming up with these activities. Such actives are equally goo for brain development.

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Written By Stella, Lusaka Zambia.

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