Why project leader is higher than project manager
Why project leader is higher than project manager

Is project lead higher than project manager? In project management this is one of the most commonly asked question therefore in this article we answer, Why project leader is higher than project manager. Lets first start by understanding the Project lead roles and responsibilities, which includes developing project team, making schedules and they assist in the successful onboarding of project activities and training of new team members.

Project leaders create a structure for people to follow working on a project and communicate a clear voice, by coming up with a motivational strategy incase of a draw back or challenge. Leaders also provide project memebers with emotional support to work on the project and make people feel valued.

Project lead or project leader: A project leader leads people and makes sure a project activities are carried through. The project leaders are people with the responsibility and engages the project team, by educating, motivating them to work, taking care of their needs, social, and moral support aswell as coming up with ways of maintaining a friendly environment for the archievement of productive work.

What is difference between project lead and project manager?

  • The main difference between the two is that, project leaders make plans, while project managers people to solve problems.
  • Leaders have a broad vision of the organization or goal of the project. While project managers fiocus on archiving the task at hand and activity.
  • Project leaders are risk takes while project managers only describe the problem to leaders without taking leadership role.
  • Project leaders are come up with strategies through their inspiring attitude, leaders help generate long-term plans and ideas.
  • Project managers have an outline for what they need to do at that particluar time.
  • Project leaders stimulate ideas and procedures the people involved in the project need to follow in order to achieve their goals.
  • A project manager supports the team following project scope for delivery of a business outcome, while a project leader mainly collaborates on the ways to ensure achievement of a business outcome.
  • A person can be a manager without leading or a leader without managing. 
  • Managers are concerned about how work is completed and try to get people to work together and perform better. 
  • Leaders try to get people to agree about the most important things to be done and value flexibility, innovation, and adaptation. 
  • As an organization becomes larger and more complex, the importance of managing increases and as the external environment becomes more dynamic and uncertain, the importance of leadership increases.

Project roles and responsibilities

Project roles and responsibilities for both leaders and project managers ensure a very successful project which requires the project team to participate in the planning process is available. Project roles and responsibilities of project leader makes people to buy-in to the project plan, and be responsible for completion of project assignments. Project roles and responsibilities ensure there is a well defined formal structure for the project managers and for the project team.

Project leadership skills

The key resposibilities and skills of project leaders which make for project success, includes team management. Project leaders are the captain of their project team. Leaders ensure strategic conflict resolution are in place to unite employees incase of a dispute, leading by example to enusure nothing slows down on a a project and motivate people, while proposing and shepherding changes in a project.

Project manager skills

Project manager responsibilities and skills of managers includes information sharing about the project, decision making, influencing the employees in the direction of the organization’s mission, objective and goal. Managers also help to develop and maintain relationships during the operations of a project.

Managers of projects devise plans, develop schedule, develop budget, allocate resources, develop policies and procedures, and execute projects Make decisions on schedule, cost, scope, and resources even under uncertainty Monitor and control project success factors.

Communicate with stakeholders on the progress of the project Communicate with company executives, functional managers, peers, and subordinates; meet schedules, solve problems, achieve project scope and objectives, and maintain smooth relationships with peers; mediate conflicts between individuals

Project leader vs project manager salary

Project leader vs project manager salary sums up why project leader is higher than project manager. Project Managers in any project play the leading role in the process of planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and project closing. A project leader ensures the overall delivery of business outcome, utilizing the vailable resources to provide solutions.

According to Indeed Salaries for the year 2022, project leaders make an annual average salary of $75,304, while majority of project managers have an annual salary of $85,825.

Project manager job description and salary shows the average salary for a project manager in the United States is $85,825. Depending on the industry and the skill, and education level. project leaders make a monthly average salary of $75,304.

Clearly this shows despite leadership role in project management been higher than project managers, salaries are paid based on the overall activities these two perform of which project managers earn more than leaders in the USA. For other countries like Zambia, UK, Canada, India and China, and most european countries, project leaders earn twice the amount of project managers.

Is project lead higher than project manager

Conclusion, is project lead higher than project manager? Yes the project leaders role is higher than project manager roles and responsibilities. This is because project leaders think on what the organization requires, and might archieve if the project is a success. Leaders focus on esuring the right thing is done and not if we’re doning the right thing. Project managers only execute plans which a leader has formulated. Project managers also manage the budget, staffing of employees and responsibilities of team members to ensure deadlines are met and on schedule. Importantly why project leader is higher than project manager, is that project leaders always manage the team’s effectiveness, of which without it the project can be a fialure. Leaders employ their strategy from past experience to motivate and help generate new project ideas to achieve overall desired goals.

To answer who is higher project lead or project manager? Leaders understand the critical roles of project managers, which includes communication management, resource management, procurement, scope, quality, time, schedule, budgeting and project closing. Project leaders think while project managers execute, so the sucess of a project depends on leaders are also managers in nature, but a manager can not be a leader sometimes.

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